Welcome to the Legacy Foundation Scholarship Program

The Professional Institute Heritage Foundation is a visible demonstration of our commitment to the next generation of professionals. The sole purpose of the Foundation is to support the education of deserving children across Canada. The mission of the Foundation is to promote the intertwined values of professionalism and service, both to the community and to the country. The mission is accomplished through the awarding of scholarships that are supported by fundraising and other activities. More information can be obtained on the Legacy Foundation website or by emailing scholarship@pipsc.ca.

NOTE TO PARENTS: The student must register for this account, not the parent. THANKS.

2024 Scholarship Program
Number of Scholarships
$ 5,000
$ 1,500
$ 1,000
1 Laureen Allan Scholarship
$ 2,000
15 BGCC (chosen by the BGCC)

3 Indigenous scholarships
(chosen by the Indigenous Advisory Circle)